RaceReady was conceived in 1992 by two long-distance runners, Mary Button and Gerry Hans. It was a lifestyle marriage of small-family business and thousands of miles of training and competing.

RaceReady took flight in 1996 when RaceReady Long Distance (LD) Shorts were designed and patented. The company laid claim to the first running shorts that would comfortably carry the nutritional gels just then coming to the market, such as GU. Sales grew steadily for the entire eighteen years the business was managed by Mary and Gerry, until it changed hands in 2011.

At that time, Mary and Gerry became co-founders of a non-profit with a mission to protect the largest urban park in the country, Griffith Park. Gerry served as its inaugural president for six years and Mary as its financial officer.

Since RaceReady changed hands in 2011, it’s been through defaults and Chapter 7, limping along. Now, ownership of RaceReady intellectual property, including the registered trademark and domain, has reverted to Mary and Gerry. Products under the label RaceReady are currently unavailable.

We regret RaceReady LD Shorts and other RaceReady products are not currently licensed for sale. We enjoyed serving ultra-runners, marathoners, casual runners, clubs and teams, from 1992 up to 2011. The future of RaceReady is currently unknown.

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